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Weather Forecast

John Cotterill PSP 2014 Forecast

Forecast from John Cotterill. A summary of potential weather conditions that represent his personal opinions.

Generated 3 Oct 2014

Still a good signal for winds from the west, south west.  This would mean high pressure centred over the near continent, with low pressure centred somewhere to the north west of the UK.  I would expect it to be mild and changeable, not unlike it is at the moment!  Some nice days with sunshine and clear nights, other days cloudy with some rain and showers about.  I am fairly optimistic of some cloud breaks at night but that will depend entirely upon the timing of any frontal systems crossing the UK in this kind of synoptic set up.

Generated 2 Oct 2014

I have been watching various outputs over the past two weeks and there is absolutely no clear signal in any direction at the moment unfortunately. If I had to choose a wind direction it would be something between north west through west to south which would infer changeable. This is just my personal thought and does not constitute an official Met Office forecast. Hopefully it might be useful even in this vague sense. I'll keep watching and updating as appropriate.  



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