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Star Party Etiquette

Star Party Etiquette

Above all, the Peak Star Party is intended to be a fun, social event. However, for the comfort and safety of all astronomers and other visitors, there are a number of rules we need to put in place:

  1. Strictly no white lights when red light rules are in force (see Programme). This means no car movements in the camping areas, all torches must be covered with red light filters and so on. 
  2. Please do not use laser pointers at any time - in a large crowd they can easily cause blinding and they may interfere with imaging. The only exception to this is the guided sky tours each evening where the guide may use a pointer.
  3. Please cover all laptop and other illuminated displays with red filters and turn brightness down as far as possible.
  4. Please keep dogs on a lead and supervise children at all times while at the Star Party or anywhere on Shallow Grange Farm. There are plenty of places easily accessible from Shallow Grange for walking dogs and playing games.
  5. Most people will be happy to let you look through their scope but always ask first. Imagers and people hunting for specific things may not be in a position to let you look through their scope at that time so please do not be offended by refusal.
  6. Never touch somebody else's equipment without asking and never touch a glass or mirrored optical surface.
  7. If you have the opportunity to observer the sun through a telescope, always follow the instructions of the demonstrator or scope owner. Observing the sun incorrectly through a telescope can result in the retina being instantly burnt off the back of your eye, causing permanent blindness.
  8. Please be considerate of other astronomers and guests at all times. Take good care when walking around that you do not obstruct another astronomer's view and be aware that some astronomers will sleep through the morning after a late night observing / imaging.
  9. Finally, because people usually don't read the Ts & Cs, two key points:
    • The Peak Star Party organisers accept no liability for loss, damage or theft and no insurance, etc. is provided other than the normal site insurance held by the site owners. All your equipment is brought at your own risk and you are advised to have appropriate insurance of your own in place.
    • Due to a number of constraints, we can not offer refunds unless the Peak Star Party is cancelled for reasons beyond our control. Cancellations are at the discretion of the organisers and are subject to a £25 administration fee per pitch.


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