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PSP2014 Talks

Headline Talk: "And Now The Weather ... From Space"

Dr Alan Wood, Nottingham Trent University

Image of Dr Alan Wood

The Northern Lights are one of the most stunning natural phenomena in the world.  Twisting ribbons of green and red hanging in the night sky have fascinated people for centuries, but it is only in the last hundred years that we have begun to understand them.

Today we know that the Northern Lights are just one effect of ‘Space Weather’ – other effects include power cuts, damage to satellites and disruption to GPS.  We have a wealth of scientific projects trying to better understand space weather but there are many exciting challenges too – those travelling to the high Arctic must be prepared for the extreme cold, constant darkness and polar bears!

Come and hear about the latest discoveries in this exciting adventure.

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Programme for PSP2014

We have built on the experience we gained in the last three years to put on what we think is our best ever programme for 2014. We have a mix of practical demonstrations and talks, with telescope and imaging clinics and an under-cover Astroboot.

We have even agreed use of the main barn to 10pm for an astro quiz and films if the weather is not on our side!

Read more: Programme

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