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Peak Star Party 2015

No Peak Star Party 2015

There will be no Peak Star Party 2015 as there is nobody available to organise it.

If you would be genuinely interested in running or volunteering time to help out with PSP2016, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Site Details

Site Layout

The following plan shows the main camping fields and facilities at Shallow Grange

Shallow Grange Plan

The shower and toilet block has full underfloor heating with wheelchair-friendly access. It is located centrally (green outline).

MARS Field

The MARS Field has 19 pitches with 8A Electric Hook-up (EHU). The five pitches closest to the entrance have heavy duty rubber webbing underneath and are suitable for larger camper vans and small to medium motor homes; the remaining thirteen pitches are suitable for caravans.


The SATURN Field has 31 tent pitches, of which 10 have 8A electricity supply.


The NEPTUNE Field has space for at least an additional 92 tent pitches, including eight with 8A EHU. It also has seven powered pitches next to a gravel track which are suitable for small camper vans (VW camper and similar).


All electricity at Shallow Grange is supplied through pre-paid card meters. Each Touring Field booking includes a £1 card (currently equivalent to about 6kWh) per night. Additional cards can be purchased through the marshals at any reasonable time during the event.

Cards may be added to the meter at any time and any wholly unused cards will be refunded at the end of your visit.

All EHU pitches share a hookup point with their neighbouring pitch via a splitter that we will provide. This worked very well in 2011 with no arguments over who used what and we will be using the same approach this year.

For people on pitches without EHU, a free battery charging facilities will be available to recharge telescope and laptop batteries during the Star Party, subject to a reasonable use policy.

Site rules forbid use of generators anywhere on the farm.

Telephones & WiFi

Shallow Grange do not provide public telephones or WiFi access. However, mobile phone and 3G reception is generally OK to good - please see your operator's coverage map for details.


The central Facilities Block houses ladies', gents' and wheelchair-friendly showers and toilets. This block was refitted in 2011 with environmentally friendly rainwater harvesting, waste heat recycling and low energy LED lights and has underfloor heating throughout. Additional facilities may be provided at peak times.

The Facilities Block also houses recycling bins and an Elsan waste disposal point.

Car Parking

Day visitors park in a field near the road - this is to limit intrusion from car lights, etc. Day visitors with heavy scopes will be welcome to drive to the entrance to the MARS field to drop off and collect equipment; this will be subject to a walking lead while red light rules are in force.


Site lighting will be minimised for the duration of the Star Party so please remember to bring a torch, spare batteries and a good red light filter. All external site lights that cannot be switched off will be fitted with red light filters.


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