Tour Leader Jonny Ivo Kwok said that tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of lakes in Switzerland should visit Lake Geneva, which is the largest lake in Europe.

“In lac Leman you can swim. May be worm too, but with permission. There are people who just get on a boat while watching a dance show called Swiss folklore, “he said in a Live Instagram judi slot online Travel Talk” Tour Switzerland, Enjoy Enchanting Nature “.

Meanwhile, Lake Geneva is located in Geneva, Vaud, and Valais which are included in the Lake Geneva Region or Lemanic Region.

For Vaud, this area has a number of other interesting tourist spots that tourists can see and visit. The following summarizes the tourist attractions in Vaud, Switzerland that can be visited:

1. Lake Geneva


Launching, Lake Geneva is the largest and the lake with the largest volume of water in Central Europe.

In the past, the Celts referred to it as large water or “Glue”. Until now, the lake is still called lac Leman in French.

According to information in, this crescent-shaped lake has a length of 95 kilometers on the north side and 72 kilometers on the south side. The average depth is 154.4 meters.

While there, tourists can explore the lake using one of the eight steamers belonging to the Compagnie Generale de Navigation (GGN).

For those who wish to visit a number of villages and towns in the vicinity, guests can take the Mouettes boat. While walking along the lake, you can see a view of the Jura mountains.

Apart from walking along the lake, citing, other activities that can be done in Lake Geneva are sailing, water skiing, and wakeboarding.

2. Castle of Chillon

Chillon Castle sits on the shores of Lake Geneva. The castle, which was built on a small, rocky island, dates back to the 12th century.

Looks like it is floating, Castle of Chilon is a historical building that is most visited by tourists.

If you visit in summer, tourists can enjoy the beautiful palm trees and various flowers that decorate the lakeside from Clarens to Chillon.

The natural scenery is also stunning because Chillon Castle is located between the lake and the mountains that surround it.

It is one of the old buildings in Switzerland, Chillon Castle has gone through three eras, namely the Savoy (12th century to 1536 century), the Bernese (1536-1798), and Vaudois (1798-present).

While the building’s aura may feel creepy as the underground passage and storage area for food and weapons were turned into a prison in 1290, visitors have nothing to fear.

This is because the guides there wear costumes depicting medieval figures, so that they can entertain visitors.

3. The rotating restaurant Le Kuklos

Eating meals in restaurants is common. However, eating a meal in a rotating restaurant is something unique.

While in Vaud, you can visit the top of Berneuse in Leysin to enjoy a delicious meal at Le Kuklos.

Meanwhile, the restaurant often rotates for 1 hour 30 minutes. As a result, the view of the Alps can be enjoyed while dining.

Whether it’s a patio area or behind a giant glass window, either option still offers a 360 degree panoramic view.

Apart from the Alps, Lake Geneva, the Jura Mountains and the Rhone Valley will also be visible. Apart from culinary delights, Le Kuklos also has a play area and animal park that can be visited by family tourists.

4. Glacier 3000

Located at an altitude of 2,965 meters above sea level (masl), tourists can visit Col du Pillon to ride a gondola from Glacier 3000 station.

Arriving at the top, a variety of activities are waiting to be tried, one of which is the Dogsled Rides, which is skating on boards pulled by a number of huskies.

For adrenaline lovers, the Alpine Coaster which has 10 sharp turns and six winding tracks with a toboggan speed of 40 kilometers per hour can be tried.

Abila just wants to walk, Glacier 3000 offers a Peak Walk by Tissot Suspension Bridge that is 107 meters long and 90 centimeters wide.

Through the only suspension bridge that connects the two mountain peaks, visitors can enjoy the cool air and the beautiful expanse of icebergs.

5. Chaplin’s World Museum

For fans of all of Charlie Chaplin’s work, Chaplin’s World, Manoir de Ban, is a must-visit while in Vaud.

Having been named Best European Museum by the European Museum Academy in 2018, the building houses a Charlie Chaplin statue that will accompany tourists.

Visitors who like selfies can enter the Studio. Meanwhile, citing the official Chaplin’s World website, the Studio consists of a number of rooms designed to resemble films by the Legend, one of which is Modern Times.

If you want to see Charlie Chapril’s personal items, visitors can enter The Manoir.

Traveling is the most fun activity and is liked by many people. In fact, for some people traveling is an obligation that cannot be missed. But to enjoy a pleasant vacation, not a few people are made bothered and also confused to determine which tourist attraction is suitable and according to their needs.

Usually, to be able to vacation as you wish, most people will be selective in determining the right tourist destination. Some of the favorites, including mountain tours, beaches, hills, parks and forests.

So, many tourists who choose to vacation with natural nuances like that are claimed to be able to create fresher and more positive thoughts, so that it is very beneficial for one’s physical and psychological condition prediksi jitu hari ini. Although, there are still many people who are not aware of the many health benefits that we can get through nature tourism.

The following reviews some of the benefits of natural tourism for health that we deserve to know.

1. Eliminate Stress
Wrestling with the daily routine at work or college assignments that pile up often makes us feel bored and even stressed. Well, for those of you who feel this, it means you have to take the time to vacation in the open air. Because by being in the open, stress levels will decrease. In fact, a study from Glasgow University shows that people who walk, cycle, or run in nature have a lower risk of developing bad mental health disorders than people who are indoors.

2. Increase Concentration
Besides being able to relieve stress, vacationing in the open can also increase your concentration, you know, Friends of Water Parks. This is because as we interact with nature, our brains will take a break from everyday overstimulation which can have a restorative effect on our level of attention.

3. Increase Immunity
For this one, it is not uncommon for us to do this by consuming drugs, food, or drinks that are believed to increase immunity. Though all of that does not promise that our immunity will increase. Well, to increase immunity, we actually don’t need to bother. Because we are only asked to spend a little time enjoying the green nature. This green nature is the medicine for our physical and psychological strength.

4. Improve Mood
Vacation has an important role for the emergence of a positive effect on a person. Because after the holidays we will feel happy, excited, and more motivated.

All these psychological factors can make us better prepared for any activity. In addition, through psychological factors, our creative, innovative, and fighting power will increase.

5. Increase Harmony
One of the benefits of traveling in nature can actually increase harmony too, you know. This is because the purpose of traveling is to build positive bonds between individuals. Therefore, most people spend their vacation time with family, friends, or their partners.

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