Smart Buddies, did you know that today ASEAN is 50 years old? Yep, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has been established since 1967 during the Bangkok Conference. Hey, do you still remember the social studies subject matter when you were in 6th grade? Now, to this day, the ten member countries are committed to competing internationally through various aspects, you know! One of them is in the tourism sector. So you don’t get me wrong, if the 7 tourist sites in Southeast Asia that are members of ASEAN below are so famous in the world. What do you think the place is? Come on, let’s check it together!

7 Most Global ASEAN Tourist Destinations! Which is your favourite?

1. Phuket Beach, Thailand

Who does not know the Phuket area with its various famous beaches? This area that is never deserted by international tourists, offers a variety of holiday activities. Some of them are surfing, diving, sunbathing, yachting, shopping, and culinary tourism. To get to Phuket, it is very easy. This island, which is located in the southern part of the country of Thailand, already has its own airport, you know. In fact, many airlines from Indonesia have flights to Phuket. Meanwhile, to get around the island, there are also various kinds of public transportation available. You can choose which one best suits your holiday budget. There are local buses (songthaew), car taxis, motorbike taxis (motosai), or boats.

The island of Phuket, which is very attractive, is not only a famous tourist spot. However, various films are also shot here. One of them, Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of The Sith. There are also Indonesian horror films, you know, that have taken scenes with the backdrop of Phuket. How about you, are you interested in coming here?

2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This temple complex is the largest religious site in the world. Built on an area of ​​162 hectares. Very wide isn’t it? Initially, this temple of Lord Vishnu was built by the Khmer King for his kingdom. The design depicts Mount Meru (Mahameru) which is the home of a god in Hindu mythology. However, slowly at the end of the 12th century, Angkor Wat changed its function into a Buddhist temple.

Well, as a historical location, this tourist spot is the main attraction for the Cambodian state. In fact, the illustrations are also used as symbols on their national flags. In Indonesia, this is similar to Borobudur Temple, you know!

3. Ubud, Indonesia

Surely you are familiar with the name of this region, right? Ubud tourism continues to be in the spotlight of the world to this day. Last June, President Barack Obama also visited him for a family vacation. Well, this highland area is indeed crowded because it is a cultural icon as well as the natural beauty of the Island of the Gods. Previously, the name Ubud was also buzzing about after shooting Julia Roberts for the film Eat, Pray, Love. Its cool atmosphere and surrounded by green scenery are the reasons why many tourists visit it. Some places that can be visited here are Ubud Monkey Forest, Taro Elephant Safari Park, or Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Well, those of you who are planning a domestic vacation, can consider Ubud as a tourist destination!

4. Batu Caves, Malaysia

The limestone hills that have a series of caves also have interesting temples, you know! Upon entering the main door, you will be greeted by a golden statue of Lord Murugan. Batu Caves is one of the holy places for Hindus which has been popular in the world. Every year there is a Thaipusam festival which is often visited by tourists from India, Australia and Singapore. You don’t want to miss it either! Although this location is a religious site, it is also open to the public as a tourist place.

5. Bagan, Myanmar

“Blue skies, white clouds, beautiful sprawling powerful paintings”. Come on, who still remembers the title of Sherina’s song? Yep, the title is hot air balloon! Exactly as you can see in the skies of Bagan City. The area known as the Bagan Archeological Area also has more than 2,000 temple towers with golden colors. You can imagine how exciting it would be to see this view from a height, right? Quoted from the Balloons Over Bagan website, to ride this hot air balloon is priced at USD 340 or Rp. 4.6 million per person. Let’s start saving first!

6. Boracay Island, Philippines

This is a small island that is famous for its beautiful beaches and resorts. Typical beach views such as palm trees, bars, and restaurants can be found along the west coast. Meanwhile, in the east, there is Bulabog Beach, which is the main destination for water sports lovers. For those of you who are interested, you can try exciting activities such as parasailing, helmet diving, or jetskiing. Boracay is also often visited by tourists because it offers snorkeling tours in coral protected areas. Are you curious to see it live?

7. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

If our country has the Raja Ampat Islands, then Vietnam has Ha Long Bay, you know. This location attracts the attention of tourists because of its sparkling green water color. This beauty is also combined with thousands of small islands formed from karst rock. Hmm, anyone know what kind of stone it is? It’s in the 10th grade high school geography subject, you know!

Ha Long Bay is also a location that has been recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It seems reasonable, yes, considering the panorama of this bay is so enchanting. You must agree right? In fact, starting in 2018, the Vietnamese government is ready to build a special airport in this region. The goal, so that more and more tourists are interested in exploring this northern part of Vietnam.

Wow, it’s really fun to discuss tourist locations in ASEAN. Have you ever been to one of these locations? Don’t forget to always take your vacation time, Smart Buddies. If you like to do photo hunting while traveling, let’s try taking a photography class first at Ruangles so that your work will be more satisfying!

Planning a vacation to Germany? Let’s look at the Top 10 Tourism Objects that must be visited.

1. Brandenburg Gate

It is the main symbol of the Berlin gate and the symbol of the unification of West Berlin and East Berlin. Built in the 18th century as the entrance gate to the city of Brandenburg an der Havel, or better known as the city of Brandenburg. Located in the westernmost city of Berlin, this gate has a long history since its establishment dewa bioskop, especially in the political history of this country.

2. Holstentor

In German it means Holsten’s gate. A large gate made of red brick with a Gothic design in the city of Lubeck, Germany. Holstentor is not just a gate, it’s actually a fortress.

Founded in 1464, this fort originally served as a city gate, with two circular towers on the north and south with archaic gates. The building now functions as a museum to preserve the city’s history and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.

3. Oktoberfest

Are you a beer fan? Come to Munich in October, and you’ll be content for two weeks of beer. Usually this festival is held for sixteen days in an area called Theresienwiese (d’Wiesn). the opening of the festival was marked by the opening of a barrel of beer by the Mayor of Munich saying “O’zapft is!” (Bavarian for “Opened!”).

During the festival, the beer served is different from the usual beer. The taste is stronger, the color is more intense, and served in a large glass (1 glass = 1 liter). This annual event is held in a large tent with wooden tables and chairs like an old bar, and only local brewers are allowed to serve beer at this event.

As a companion to beer, food is also available, and only traditional menus are served here; such as sausages, hendl (chicken), käsespätzle (cheese noodles), and sauerkraut. Oktoberfest 2015 is scheduled to be held on 19 September – 4 October 2015 with ticket prices starting at €60.

Historically, Oktoberfest began with the wedding party of Crown Prince Ludwig who later became King Ludwig on October 12, 1810. The kingdom held a party for the people with beer, and as a closing horse race was held for the royal family. This final part is no longer available, but a carousel and cattle parade were added to enliven the Oktoberfest.

4. Frauenkirche

New but old church, or vice versa old but new church? The answer is up to you, yes… this church has been around since the 11th century. But unfortunately this church was destroyed by bombs in World War II. The remains of the church debris were left and became the Anti-War monument. After the unification of West Germany and East Germany, the German people asked to be rebuilt. Finally the church was rebuilt, started in 1994 and only completed in 2005. After 13 years of renovation, the Frauenkirche which means Church of Our Lady was inaugurated with a lively service from October 30, 2005 to October 31, 2005 – today is German Reformation Day.

5. Rugen Cliffs

better known as Rugia Island, is located between the Pomeranian and the Baltic Sea. This area is famous as a tourist destination because of its beautiful white sand beaches, different natural landscapes, and stunning resort architecture.

The most famous objects here are Jasmund National Park with its limestone cliffs named Victoria-Sicht (Victoria’s View) and Königsstuhl (King’s Chair).

6. Neuschwanstein

An old castle which in English is New Swanstone Castle. Built in the early 19th century on a plateau 800m above sea level. This location is right at the foot of the Alps and borders Austria. Standing majestically with Neo-Romanesque-style architecture, Neuschwanstein amidst the green of the trees and the vast meadow below.

According to the owner, King Ludwig II the location of this castle is perfect, as he wrote in his letter to Richard Wagner (German composer 1813-1883) “ the location is one of the most beautiful to be found, holy and unapproachable, a worthy temple for the divine friend who has brought salvation and true blessing to the world”. He wrote.

In modern times like this, you still have to ‘struggle’ to get into it, because two days before visiting it, you have to register to get an entrance ticket. You can receive your new entry ticket when you arrive at the castle (there is a counter in the downhill near the bus stop). From here you can walk to the castle entrance (of course with an uphill road) or take another bus for about €2.60 – PP. along the way to the entrance there is no view except trees and trees, but upon arrival at the top, a beautiful view will be perfectly served.

7. Heidelberg Old City

An old autonomous city in Baden-Württemberg famous for its castle, old town and old university. Heidelberg is one of the major German cities that was not destroyed in World War II. A special part of this city is the old town from the Baroque era.

In Heidelberg there is a pedestrian area that is very famous because it is the longest pedestrian in Europe, and on the left and right side there are old buildings that are still functioning. In addition, there is also a famous bed, Heidelberger Schloss, which remains in ruins. This building was originally a fortress located in a strategic place as a fortress. This fort later became the residence / palace of the king in Pfalz. Since the damage in 1689 and 1693 due to the war for the throne from the heirs of the Pfalz kingdom, this building has only been partially restored. In 1764 one part of the building was again damaged by a fire caused by a lightning strike. The ruins of this palace building stand 80 meters high on a mountain cliff that dominates the face of the city of Heidelberg.

The old bridge ALten Brucke or Karl –Theodor is the oldest bridge in Germany, was first built in 1248, then damaged by ice in winter, and was renovated again in 1788 until now it still stands majestically. Other famous buildings here are several old churches, universities and libraries. Everything is still in the form of old and historic buildings.

8. Cologne Cathedral

A Roman Catholic cathedral church in the heart of Cologne. This Gothic-style church building was built in 1248 has a unique shape. The design of Cologne Cathedral is similar to Amiens Cathedral in terms of land plan, style and width in proportion to the height of the central nave.

Inside this church there are several points that must be seen and paid attention to, namely the Altar which is still standing majestically since 1322, using black marble, the Temple of the Three Kings, 5 windows made of stained glass on the southern wall which was a gift from King Ludwig I of Bavaria.

9. Lindau

An area on the shores of Lake Constance which is famous for its many tourist attractions, one of which is the Lighthouse located in the lake pier area and the Bavarian Lion sculpture which is the entrance to Lindau. There are more churches, casinos, and theaters in Lindau that must be visited. In addition, you can also do boat trips on Lake Constance.

10. Rhine – Romantic River

In closing, the Rhine is the most appropriate. This long river that crosses several countries starts from Switzerland and ends in the North Sea, the Netherlands. The Rhine flows for 1036.20 km. The Rhine flows at several points in Germany, usually the scenery will be very beautiful and romantic on the riverbank at night. Enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere with your beloved partner.

Tour Leader Jonny Ivo Kwok said that tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of lakes in Switzerland should visit Lake Geneva, which is the largest lake in Europe.

“In lac Leman you can swim. May be worm too, but with permission. There are people who just get on a boat while watching a dance show called Swiss folklore, “he said in a Live Instagram judi slot online Travel Talk” Tour Switzerland, Enjoy Enchanting Nature “.

Meanwhile, Lake Geneva is located in Geneva, Vaud, and Valais which are included in the Lake Geneva Region or Lemanic Region.

For Vaud, this area has a number of other interesting tourist spots that tourists can see and visit. The following summarizes the tourist attractions in Vaud, Switzerland that can be visited:

1. Lake Geneva


Launching, Lake Geneva is the largest and the lake with the largest volume of water in Central Europe.

In the past, the Celts referred to it as large water or “Glue”. Until now, the lake is still called lac Leman in French.

According to information in, this crescent-shaped lake has a length of 95 kilometers on the north side and 72 kilometers on the south side. The average depth is 154.4 meters.

While there, tourists can explore the lake using one of the eight steamers belonging to the Compagnie Generale de Navigation (GGN).

For those who wish to visit a number of villages and towns in the vicinity, guests can take the Mouettes boat. While walking along the lake, you can see a view of the Jura mountains.

Apart from walking along the lake, citing, other activities that can be done in Lake Geneva are sailing, water skiing, and wakeboarding.

2. Castle of Chillon

Chillon Castle sits on the shores of Lake Geneva. The castle, which was built on a small, rocky island, dates back to the 12th century.

Looks like it is floating, Castle of Chilon is a historical building that is most visited by tourists.

If you visit in summer, tourists can enjoy the beautiful palm trees and various flowers that decorate the lakeside from Clarens to Chillon.

The natural scenery is also stunning because Chillon Castle is located between the lake and the mountains that surround it.

It is one of the old buildings in Switzerland, Chillon Castle has gone through three eras, namely the Savoy (12th century to 1536 century), the Bernese (1536-1798), and Vaudois (1798-present).

While the building’s aura may feel creepy as the underground passage and storage area for food and weapons were turned into a prison in 1290, visitors have nothing to fear.

This is because the guides there wear costumes depicting medieval figures, so that they can entertain visitors.

3. The rotating restaurant Le Kuklos

Eating meals in restaurants is common. However, eating a meal in a rotating restaurant is something unique.

While in Vaud, you can visit the top of Berneuse in Leysin to enjoy a delicious meal at Le Kuklos.

Meanwhile, the restaurant often rotates for 1 hour 30 minutes. As a result, the view of the Alps can be enjoyed while dining.

Whether it’s a patio area or behind a giant glass window, either option still offers a 360 degree panoramic view.

Apart from the Alps, Lake Geneva, the Jura Mountains and the Rhone Valley will also be visible. Apart from culinary delights, Le Kuklos also has a play area and animal park that can be visited by family tourists.

4. Glacier 3000

Located at an altitude of 2,965 meters above sea level (masl), tourists can visit Col du Pillon to ride a gondola from Glacier 3000 station.

Arriving at the top, a variety of activities are waiting to be tried, one of which is the Dogsled Rides, which is skating on boards pulled by a number of huskies.

For adrenaline lovers, the Alpine Coaster which has 10 sharp turns and six winding tracks with a toboggan speed of 40 kilometers per hour can be tried.

Abila just wants to walk, Glacier 3000 offers a Peak Walk by Tissot Suspension Bridge that is 107 meters long and 90 centimeters wide.

Through the only suspension bridge that connects the two mountain peaks, visitors can enjoy the cool air and the beautiful expanse of icebergs.

5. Chaplin’s World Museum

For fans of all of Charlie Chaplin’s work, Chaplin’s World, Manoir de Ban, is a must-visit while in Vaud.

Having been named Best European Museum by the European Museum Academy in 2018, the building houses a Charlie Chaplin statue that will accompany tourists.

Visitors who like selfies can enter the Studio. Meanwhile, citing the official Chaplin’s World website, the Studio consists of a number of rooms designed to resemble films by the Legend, one of which is Modern Times.

If you want to see Charlie Chapril’s personal items, visitors can enter The Manoir.

Traveling is the most fun activity and is liked by many people. In fact, for some people traveling is an obligation that cannot be missed. But to enjoy a pleasant vacation, not a few people are made bothered and also confused to determine which tourist attraction is suitable and according to their needs.

Usually, to be able to vacation as you wish, most people will be selective in determining the right tourist destination. Some of the favorites, including mountain tours, beaches, hills, parks and forests.

So, many tourists who choose to vacation with natural nuances like that are claimed to be able to create fresher and more positive thoughts, so that it is very beneficial for one’s physical and psychological condition prediksi jitu hari ini. Although, there are still many people who are not aware of the many health benefits that we can get through nature tourism.

The following reviews some of the benefits of natural tourism for health that we deserve to know.

1. Eliminate Stress
Wrestling with the daily routine at work or college assignments that pile up often makes us feel bored and even stressed. Well, for those of you who feel this, it means you have to take the time to vacation in the open air. Because by being in the open, stress levels will decrease. In fact, a study from Glasgow University shows that people who walk, cycle, or run in nature have a lower risk of developing bad mental health disorders than people who are indoors.

2. Increase Concentration
Besides being able to relieve stress, vacationing in the open can also increase your concentration, you know, Friends of Water Parks. This is because as we interact with nature, our brains will take a break from everyday overstimulation which can have a restorative effect on our level of attention.

3. Increase Immunity
For this one, it is not uncommon for us to do this by consuming drugs, food, or drinks that are believed to increase immunity. Though all of that does not promise that our immunity will increase. Well, to increase immunity, we actually don’t need to bother. Because we are only asked to spend a little time enjoying the green nature. This green nature is the medicine for our physical and psychological strength.

4. Improve Mood
Vacation has an important role for the emergence of a positive effect on a person. Because after the holidays we will feel happy, excited, and more motivated.

All these psychological factors can make us better prepared for any activity. In addition, through psychological factors, our creative, innovative, and fighting power will increase.

5. Increase Harmony
One of the benefits of traveling in nature can actually increase harmony too, you know. This is because the purpose of traveling is to build positive bonds between individuals. Therefore, most people spend their vacation time with family, friends, or their partners.

Talking about the benefits of natural tourism, of course, will be related to the intended tourist destinations. Well, for those of you who are confused about which natural tour is right, you can visit Percut Water Park.

On this 16 hectare land, you can enjoy the beautiful natural beauty and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. So it’s perfect if you want to feel the benefits of natural tourism. (MAS)

Traveling abroad is no stranger to many people. Unfortunately, the intention to travel abroad is sometimes hindered by visa problems. For Indonesian passport holders, the number of countries that can be visited without a visa for now is arguably limited, only around 57 countries.

At first glance, the number 57 does not seem like much. But calm down, among that number there are nine excellent countries that you can visit and offer many interesting things agen pkv games. These nine countries are still in the Asian region, so you don’t have to take a long journey and the plane tickets are relatively cheap.

1. Singapore

Nicknamed the Little Red Dot, the charm of this country cannot be measured by its area alone. Cultural diversity combined with modern skyscrapers is an attraction that is certainly not to be missed.

For cultural tourism, try visiting the Bugis, Little India, and Chinatown areas. The three of them offer their respective cultural uniqueness, ranging from buildings for places of worship, delicious culinary delights, to art performances.

What are the other highlights of Singapore? There is Universal Studios Singapore which offers a variety of modern game rides, enjoy a visit to the zoo at night on the Night Safari, bring your family or partner shopping as well as dine on a delicious meal with stunning riverside views at Clarke Quay.

– Air travel to Singapore from Jakarta can be reached in approximately 2 hours without transit. If the flight is in transit, the time will adjust to the length of the transit.
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2. Malaysia

Malaysia is still close to its homeland, and even parts of its territory share an island with Indonesia. Whether you are visiting alone, with your partner, or with your family and your little ones, Malaysia has a lot to offer besides the popular Petronas Twin Towers.

If you have children on your visit, try taking them to LEGOLAND which will definitely make them happy because they can assemble and assemble Lego at will. You can also take your little ones to Sunway Lagoon, which has a water-based playground and other rides.

Love nature tourism? Langkawi Island is the right choice. The island with the nickname Jewel of Kedah has such a rich nature, its beauty stretches from the mountains to the coast. One of the best ways to see the breathtaking panoramas is by taking the cable car or SkyCab at an altitude of about 700 meters above sea level.

– Air travel to Kuala Lumpur from Jakarta can be reached in approximately 2 hours without transit. If the flight is in transit, the time will adjust to the length of the transit.
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3. Thailand

Thailand has been known as one of the best religious tourism destinations in Asia. It seems that this is true, the culture in Thailand is felt in almost all corners of the country. You can easily find ancient Buddhist temples that are never empty of visitors, some of which are The Grand Palace and Wat Pho.

Not only culture, Thailand also has many beautiful and exotic beaches. Call it a row of beaches on the islands of Phuket and Krabi which are already popular with tourists around the world.

How about culinary? Thailand has a myriad of delicious culinary delights that you should taste. One that is very popular, of course, is sticky rice with mango. This dish is made of sticky rice with sweet coconut milk sauce and mango slices. If you want to taste more extreme culinary delights, just try fried crickets and cocoons which turn out to be quite tasty and crunchy.

– Air travel to Bangkok from Jakarta can be reached in time starting from 3.5 hours with one transit, the time will be adjusted to the length of the transit.
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4. Philippines

As an archipelago, it is not surprising that the Philippines is endowed with extraordinary natural wealth. The beautiful natural scenery stretches from white sandy beaches to the mountain ranges on the island of Luzon, which is the largest island in the Philippines.

This country is perfect for those of you who like outdoor activities such as hiking and diving. Don’t worry if you want a more challenging activity, you can try surfing on Siargao Island, such as in Palawan waters or rafting on fast-flowing rivers on Luzon Island.

Apart from being a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, the Philippines also has plenty of exciting places for culture and history lovers to explore. Being a country that was colonized by Spain for approximately 350 years, there are many Catholic church buildings with typical Spanish architecture, one of the most popular is the San Agustin Church. The Spanish influence can also be seen in the names carried by the local population.

– Air travel to Manila from Jakarta can be reached in approximately 4 hours without transit. If the flight is in transit, the time will adjust to the length of the transit.
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5. Vietnam

One thing that is synonymous with Vietnam is flowers. Vietnamese people like to decorate their houses with flowers, you can easily find fresh flower traders traveling on their pedestrians on the street.

In addition, each city in Vietnam has its own peculiarities that you can choose to visit, for example, Hanoi. As the capital city of the country, Hanoi is one of the most densely populated cities as well as the economic center where there are many skyscrapers. It is different with the city of Sapa which has extraordinary natural charm, with a row of mountains and stretching green rice fields that spoil the eye. If you love beach tourism, stop by the Nha Trang area which offers many beautiful beaches and thrilling extreme activities.

For culinary, Vietnam is famous for its rich seasoning dishes. That said, Vietnamese culinary is one of the best culinary delights of taste and nutrition in the world because it is made from a variety of fresh ingredients and herbs. One of the culinary delights that you must try is pho, which is a clear soup with bean sprouts and fresh cuts of meat on your tongue.

– Air travel to Hanoi from Jakarta can be reached in time starting from 6 hours with one transit. Time will adjust to the length of transit.
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6. Myanmar

All types of travelers are welcome in Myanmar. For those of you who like cultural tourism, you can go around the country visiting pagodas with a shady atmosphere. Beach lovers can be satisfied with the many beautiful white sandy beaches, or take a hot air balloon and see the beautiful panoramic views of Myanmar from above.

This country that was once known as Burma has a diverse culture. This can be seen from the population consisting of various ethnicities and races ranging from China, India, Bangladesh, Laos, and Thailand. Interestingly, here you can meet native Vietnamese with their unique culture.

In the countryside, you will meet men wearing traditional clothes such as sarongs or skirts. There are also elderly people who chew betel leaves with reddish mouths, not to mention that almost all villagers wear thanakha, which is a traditional Myanmar makeup.

– Air travel to Nay Pyi Taw from Jakarta can be reached in as little as 9 hours with one transit. Time will adjust to the length of transit.
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7. Hong Kong

For those of you who want to do urban and cultural tourism in one place, Hong Kong is the right answer. Please take a multi-storey tram and take a tour to see old buildings that are still standing strong and skyscrapers with amazing modern architecture.

Want to satisfy your shopping cravings in Hong Kong? Adjust the budget you have and choose the appropriate place. For those of you who have prepared thick pockets for shopping, there are lots of shopping centers that offer a collection of your favorite branded goods. For a limited budget, you don’t need to worry. You can easily find distros along the road at affordable prices or surprise markets that have equally good items.

After exploring Hong Kong, of course you will feel hungry. Satisfy your tongue and stomach with a variety of delicious culinary delights from Cantonese, Sichuanese, Japanese and French. The prima donna, of course, is the oriental dishes to boost appetites Don’t forget to try stinky tofu, dim sum, and various noodle preparations.

– Air travel to Hong Kong from Jakarta can be reached in approximately 5 hours without transit. If the flight is in transit, the time will adjust to the length of the transit.
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8. Japan

Not many people know that Indonesian passport holders can visit Japan without a visa. Even so, there are a few conditions that must be met. First, the passport you hold must be an e-passport. Next, visit the nearest Japanese Embassy office, then fulfill the instructions given. If the application is approved, you will get a special sticker affixed to your passport. With this sticker, you are free to visit Japan many times over three years with a maximum visit period of 15 days.

Japan does not stop to amaze you with everything it has to offer, from culture, natural scenery, ancient temples, delicious culinary delights, to all things anime-related. Start your journey by exploring Tokyo, which is said to be alive for 24 hours. Other cities not to be missed include Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto.

The best time to visit Japan is in late spring, around March – May, and late autumn, around September – November. At that time, sunny weather tends not to rain and the air temperature is more favorable. Apart from that, the scenery is also champion. In spring, the cherry blossoms are in bloom and in autumn, the color of the leaves becomes pretty golden.

– Air travel to Tokyo from Jakarta can be reached in approximately 7 hours without transit. If the flight is in transit, the time will adjust to the length of the transit.
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9. Taiwan

If you already have a visit permit to Japan with the previous procedure, you can easily arrange a visa to enter Taiwan. Don’t have it yet? Relax, you can take care of it easily. You only need to have a passport with a validity of at least six months from the date of arrival in Taiwan, and have a flight ticket back to Indonesia. Please visit this page for more information.

Taiwan is perfect for those of you who like to travel in the wild. There are many national parks that can be visited. In fact, visiting the rural area can be an amazing tour. Among the many national parks, there are some that should be taken into account, namely Yangmingshan National Park and Kenting National Park.

No visit to Taiwan is complete without stopping by its night markets. Ximending Night Market which is thick with Japanese nuances should be on your list of visits. From here, you can see two ancient Japanese heritage buildings, namely the Matsu Temple and the Red House Theater. Food lovers can stop by the Shilin Night Market which is enlivened by many sellers of cheap and delicious food.

For historical tours, take the time to stop by the Presidential Square. This iconic building hugely popular in Taiwan consists of a large square with a number of pagoda-shaped buildings. This place is usually used as a location for presidential ceremonies to welcome state guests, festivals and concerts.

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After knowing the nine best countries that can be visited without a visa, do you still harbor the desire to travel abroad? If you are confused about how to prepare for your trip there, entrust everything to Traveloka. Now, you can book flight tickets and hotels at the same time. That way, you can save more and don’t waste a lot of time.

Each country has stunning natural beauty, in the form of rows of mountains, beaches, waterfalls, to forests. Of the many natural tourist destinations, some of which are the best and favorites of world tourists.

Reporting from Insider agen bandarqq online, here are some of the most interesting natural tourist attractions in the world. Listen, yes!

1. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

This place has always been the target of tourists. Because, they want to get an interesting experience traveling in the cave. This destination is not just any cave, because it is lit by worms inside the walls.

You can do various fun things here. Starting from rafting, exploring the enchanting part of Ruakuri Cave, to floating on tires through the cave. Will be an unforgettable experience, here!

2. Lake Hillier, Australia

In Goldfields, Australia, there is a beautiful lake with pink water. Uniquely, no one knows the cause of the lake’s color. Many believe it is caused by algae called halobacteria.

This lake is in the middle of the forest. The lake is shallow enough, you can even walk in the water. You must capture this natural destination, considering that its beautiful colors can be a cool photo background.

3. Na Pali Coast, Hawaii, United States

Hawaii seems to have become a “paradise” for nature lovers, especially the beaches. One of the most beautiful is Na Pali Beach. Blue waters with the roar of calm waves will make your mind fresher.

Besides enjoying the panoramic view of the beach, you can climb the cliff to the top. Even though it’s tiring, you will be amazed when you are at the top. From there, you will see views of the Pacific Ocean and the Kalalau Valley.

4. The Stone Forest, China

As the name implies, this destination is a giant karst line located in Kunming, Yunan Province. This place was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007. The rocks here are formed due to erosion of water, air, and seismic activity.

No need to worry about feeling bored while here. You can explore this rock forest until the sun sets, the scenery is really magical. There are also caves, waterfalls, ponds and lakes there.

5. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Almost like Raja Ampat, Vietnam also has stunning bay tourist destinations. The clear waters surrounded by small, fertile islands make this place even more perfect.

You can explore the amazing limestone cliffs by boat, or spend the night on a boat wading through the waters. Guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience!

6. Lake Nakuru, Kenya

If you want to see hundreds of flamingos, you can go to Kenya, to be precise at Lake Nakuru. This lake is inside Lake Nakuru National Park, so all the animals in it are protected.

Besides seeing the beauty of flamingos, you can also find other animals. There are rhinos, hippos, buffalo, zebras and giraffes. You can explore while learning to know animals.

7. Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is known as an agricultural country, so it is very easy to find rice fields in this country. Tegalalang in Bali is one of the rice fields that is always crowded with tourists. The panorama is beautiful and calming.

You can explore the rice fields surrounded by palm trees. Photo hunting is the most fun activity here, especially with local farmers. There are also several swings that can be used as photo properties.

8. The Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States

The natural beauty of the Grand Canyon is worldwide. This destination is suitable for those of you who like nature and challenges. The reason is, many climbers come here just to “conquer” the cliffs of this place.

If you don’t like rock climbing, you can do other exciting activities. You can go around on a motorbike, camp while gazing at the starry sky, or see the beauty of the Grand Canyon from a helicopter.

9. Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island is one of the most favorite destinations in South Korea. There is the highest mountain in South Korea, the name Hallasan Mountain.

The island is known for its lava tubes because of the caves formed from lava. Apart from the mountains, there are still many stunning natural destinations.

There are Cheonjiyeon Falls, Hallasan National Park, Jeju Tourist Village, and Jungmun Beach. No wonder, this island is often referred to as a “paradise” for natural tourism.

10. Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil

Stretching between Argentina and Brazil, this waterfall looks so unique and enchanting. Because, this waterfall consists of hundreds of flowing water, a total of up to 275 waterfalls.

Surrounded by lush green trees, it makes the scenery so beautiful. You are allowed to get closer to the waterfall, because the path is fenced off with wood. You can also approach by boat with the expert.

Those are some of the most interesting natural tourist spots in the world that can make your eyes blink. It turns out that Indonesia’s beauty is not inferior to other countries.

The charm of its natural beauty can be the right means of releasing fatigue. Where do you want to go first?

Do you want to plan a vacation with friends, family, or a honeymoon with your loved ones? confused about where to find a cool place and beautiful scenery? this time I will share 9 of the most beautiful tours in the world which you absolutely must visit !!!

Holidays are very necessary for those of you who are tired of work routines, holidays are one of the most effective remedies to make a fresh mind. Besides having a fresher mind, you can also create quality time between you and your loved ones. Here are 9 of the most hidden and most beautiful tourist attractions in the world:

1. Aogashima Volcano, Japan

This mountain deserves to be called a hidden paradise because Aogashima Volcano is located on Augashima Island which is a part of Izu Island, to get to Aogashima Island you can use a ferry from Tokyo which is about 300 meters away.

The island of Aogashima is indeed still green, clean, and has an active volcanic crater, although it is still active, this place also has a population of around 200 inhabitants, the unique thing is that the people around this island are very far from the modern world, they usually do climbing activities and that the best thing is that they are usually sauna in the hot steam that is around the central part of Augashima Island. Do you want to try a sauna in nature? Come on, hurry to Aogashima Island.

2. Antelope Canyon, United States

Antelope Canyon is a deep valley flanked by two beautiful cliffs. Actually, Antelope Canyon is formed due to water and wind which makes this Navajo sandstone have a beautiful shape, to form it all takes a very long time.

This place is indeed a beautiful place because when the walls of the Antelope Canyon are reflected in the light it gives beautiful colors, this is what attracts tourists from all over the world, usually they are here doing hiking and camping activities to see how beautiful Antelope Cayon is when reflected by the sun .

If you want to come here, it’s best if the sunshine will break through the gaps in this very beautiful wall.

3. Beachy Head, England

If you are currently on vacation in London then make sure you visit Beachy Head which has 162 meters of limestone cliffs and is about 1 km long. Can you imagine how magnificent these limestone cliffs are? Now to get to Beachy Head you can travel about 2 hours by car from London.

Tourists who go to Beach Head usually see the beauty of this white cliff from below and there are also tourists who rent a helicopter to see the vast and magnificent Beachy Head from a height, for a helicopte rental price in this area of ​​65 Pounds Sterling or equal to 1 million.

This most beautiful place in England is indeed very beautiful, but it is a pity that this cliff is even used as a location for suicide and every year there are 20 cases who jump from this cliff. Because many people often make this location for suicide, this location is often guarded by the police to avoid this incident.

4. Crystalline Turquoise Lake, China

This beautiful lake does have a very extraordinary view from the surface of this lake, you can see how clear the water is like in a fairy tale you can look in the mirror from above the surface of this lake.
Because of the beauty of the Crystalline Turquoise Lake, finally in 1992 UNESCO made this area a nature reserve in China which became a world heritage site.

5. City of Bern, Switzerland

The medieval city center of Bern with the Munster (Cathedral of Bern) in background, Canton Bern, Switzerland

The most beautiful city in the world is the capital city of Switzerland, for those of you who don’t know that Switzerland is actually in Central Europe. So why is it named the City of Bern? because the naming of the City of Bern itself means Bern in German which means Bear, so when you are in the City of Bern you can see some bear symbols in this city.

In the city of Bern you can see the beauty of ancient buildings that were built since the 1100s. If you are in the city of Bern it is a must to see the beauty of the Bern Cathedral which was built in the 1400s. In 1530 the City of Bern was given a tower which had a large Clock and had a bell feature, this bell would ring every hour.

Around the city of Bern you can also see several factory buildings including a condensed milk factory, a machine factory, a chocolate milk factory, and a scientific instrument factory. Because the city of Bern is so beautiful that in 1983 UNESCO named Bern as one of the world heritage sites that has a history and beautiful buildings.

6. Sa Pa, Vietnam

Sa Pa does offer a very beautiful view, here you can see a beautiful view similar to a painting, you can see the mountains that are neatly lined up, green rice fields on the slopes of a mountain, and around Sa Pa you can see colorful plants that give an impression The natural scenery is still beautiful, indeed Sa Pa deserves to be called a hidden paradise in Vietnam for tourists who have visited this place.

So, are you interested in inviting your partner to this place? surely this beautiful view is a sight that is hard to forget when with you.

7. Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

For those of you who are hunters of the Sunset view, it is really mandatory to go to Seljalandsfoss in Iceland, because here you can see the beautiful waterfall located on the edge of a large, sturdy brown cliff, and the view doesn’t end there, here you can see the beautiful green expanse of rice fields. .

To enjoy the view here, visitors usually stop while waiting for a beautiful sunset here. If you want to invite your loved ones to enjoy the sunset, then take this place, guaranteed this will be the most beautiful sunset location you have ever visited and certainly gives a romantic impression when you are with loved ones .

8. Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Raja Ampat is indeed a beautiful island in Indonesia and it is recognized by the world that Raja Ampat is a very beautiful island and a paradise for divers here, you can see 80% of marine life around the world in one place, so guys are proud to be Indonesian because of us. has Raja Ampat which is very rich in marine life.

Raja Ampat is always crowded with visits every day, whether from local tourists or foreign tourists who want to know the beauty of the underwater scenery in Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is also a world heritage that must be protected.

9. Manarola, Italy

Manarola in Italy is a fishing village located on a beautiful hill, besides being on top of a beautiful hill in Manarola, there are ancient buildings that attract tourists to visit Manarola.

Manarola also has very fertile land, so in Manarola there are lots of lemon and wine plantations. Want to see the beauty of the ancient city? then you really have to come to Manarola which offers amazing views and a view of the blue ocean from the top of this hill.

How are the 9 tours above very beautiful right? So what are you waiting for, let’s invite your friends, family, or your partner to see the beauty of the amazing world tour above, this is guaranteed to be a memorable and hard to forget experience, I hope this article is useful for those of you who want to find the most beautiful tour in the world Come on Traveling !!!

Two centuries ago, travel to Southeast Asia was reserved only for wealthy merchants, ambassadors and colonial elites who could afford large and expensive voyages. But the story of the journey has been turned upside down.

With more affordable flights, cheap accommodation, trains and increased international connectivity, it is now much easier to visit Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is an affordable alternative destination for backpackers to high-end tourists from North America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

As a result, even though the world is hit by a prolonged economic crisis, a trip to Southeast Asia is the best option: affordable costs, first-class destinations, beautiful landscapes, and stunning cultural attractions. Here are the 8 best destinations in Southeast Asia according to CNN Travel.

Penang, Malaysia

Located off the west coast of Malaysia, the island of Penang is a mecca for food and architecture lovers. George Town, the island’s main city, is a cross town of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures. The cultural beauty is manifested in British colonial architecture, Buddhist temples and ornate Chinese aristocratic houses.

This seaside city is recognized as one of the world’s top food destinations, serving a delicious mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine. Tourists can find hokkian noodles (fried prawn noodles), roti canai (an Indian-influenced flatbread dish with dal or curry) and laksa penang that scoop up a variety of Asian flavors.

El Nido, Philippines

Looking for a tropical paradise? You will find him in El Nido. Located on the northern tip of Palawan Island, in the southwestern Philippines. The archipelago has clear turquoise waters, silent lagoons, dozens of beaches, and secret caves.

Surrounded by dramatic limestone cliffs, Bacuit Bay is El Nido’s gem. This is where you can explore the lagoon by kayak. Tourists spend their days snorkeling and diving, or exploring secluded and hidden beaches across the archipelago.

Many tour operators arrange adventurous boating trips, complete with the grilled seafood lunch served on board.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali has a beautiful panorama and culture, as well as being the center of world yoga. Bali is only one of the beauties among the 17,000 islands in Indonesia. Its beauty attracts 5.6 million foreign visitors every year.

Even in the midst of its popularity, the island offers both relaxation and religion. This can be felt all over the region – on the majestic cliffs of Uluwatu, the calm waves at Nusa Dua, the trendy beach clubs in Seminyak and the dramatic rice fields and temples in Ubud.

For those who love adventure, Bali has Buleleng canyon and various unexplored spots. After the adventure, enjoy a variety of herbal drinks, juices, and even a seafood grill by the beach.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

More than 2.5 million tourists descend on the Cambodian city of Siem Reap every year with the same goal: to see Angkor Wat. Dating from the 12th century, this Khmer temple which is registered as a UNESCO cultural heritage site, houses the Angkor Wat complex. Even though it is a temple, many call Angkor Wat a city.

Its extraordinary architecture features distinct towers, intricate carvings and stone corridors that feel cool below ground level. And inside the Angkor Archaeological Park, you’ll also find two other large temples – Angkor Thom and the Bayon Temple – all surrounded by dense forest.

If you’re still curious, head to Banteay Srei (nicknamed the “Pink Temple” for its stone structure) or the 12th century Beng Mealea. The roots of trees and vines, hugging the temples create a frightening and mysterious atmosphere.

Hanoi and Phu Quoc, Vietnam

As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is a center of history, culture and nationalism. For first-time travelers, the Old Quarter is a great place to start. The old city which has many corridors is French colonial architecture, which has a landscape of hard workers, displays of various handicrafts and restaurants.

The streets are bustling with motorbikes, creating little fun. After soaking up Hanoi’s history, tourists can catch the sun to Phu Quoc. This district is located off the coast of Cambodia but is still part of Vietnam.

Touted as the most beautiful beach in Southeast Asia, the longest in the world. Whether you want a vacation on the more advanced Phu Quoc Island or the very remote Hon Xuong: both island tours, snorkeling, diving, sandy beaches and more.

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Located near the Golden Triangle (at the confluence of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos) in northern Thailand, the city of Chiang Rai is often overshadowed by its neighbor, Chiang Mai. But for those who appreciate natural landscapes and a slow lifestyle, Chiang Mai is just the thing.

Among the highlights around the city, the 14th-century Blue Temple and Wat Phra Kaew Temple showcase historic Lanna architecture. Meanwhile, the photogenic Wat Rong Khun (aka “White Temple”) serves as a complement to beauty.

The dazzling white façade is covered with glittering mirrors, built with a taste of contemporary art. Chiang Rai also attracts tourists to sample northern style Thai food, best enjoyed at local restaurants and markets. Serving grilled pork sausage, khao soi (northern noodle curry) and gaeng hung lay (pork curry with ginger), are a specialty of northern Thailand.

Luang Prabang, Laos

The former capital of Laos, picturesque Luang Prabang is home to colorful temples and dramatic natural landscapes. It’s hard not to fall in love with Luang Prabang. Surrounded by mountains, the ancient capital of the UNESCO-protected Kingdom of Lan Xang provides peace of mind.

You are surrounded by sacred rivers and golden monasteries, cloaked monks and silent meditation – an ideal getaway for those who wish to escape the busy life. Apart from religious tourism, Laos culinary is no less beautiful. Laotian cuisine is famous for being fresh and drawn from local ingredients.

The most popular dishes include fish or pork dishes (similar to a spicy meat salad), khao jee pa-tay (noodle-style sandwich), paeng pet (spicy fried duck mixed with blood, offal and spices), sausage and buffalo jerky.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Located on the island of Java, this ancient city is considered the cultural capital of Java, thanks to its vibrant arts scene, indie boutiques, deep-rooted rituals and religious sites. It is here that you will find two of the most important archaeological sites listed on UNESCO: Prambanan and the Borobudur temple.

Built in the 9th century, the beautiful Borobudur is said to be the largest Buddhist temple in the world and is very majestic at sunrise. Meanwhile, Prambanan takes the form of carved towers and elements of Hindu architecture.

As an old tradition, Prambanan hosts performances of the Ramayana ballet every night – an unforgettable dance drama tapping into Javanese cultural roots – which is both enriching and entertaining.

In Indonesia, there are various types of tourist attractions which of course we often visit. Tourist attractions include: beaches, parks, sea, forests, mountains, shopping centers or malls, historic sites, museums, culinary centers, lakes, reservoirs, there, swimming pools, squares, hot springs, zoos, water waterfall, flower and fruit garden, and so on. The following is information about other types of tourist attractions.


1. Maritime tourism

Maritime tourism is also known as maritime tourism or water tourism. This tour is also related to sports that are done in water, such as on beaches, lakes, bays. Activities that are usually carried out when doing marine tourism are fishing and surfing, sailing, rowing competitions, snorkeling, diving and underwater shooting.

In diving, we can see how beautiful the scenery under the sea is. In the archipelago there are also marine parks that we can enjoy its beauty. The potential for marine tourism in Indonesia is found in the Thousand Islands, Raja Ampat, Lake Toba, Mentawai, Bali Island, the sea of ​​the Maluku Islands, and so on. Meanwhile, maritime countries that also have marine tourism potential are Fiji, Hawaii and Tahiti.

2. Cultural Tourism in Indonesia

Doing cultural tourism aims to increase one’s insight and outlook on life. In cultural tourism, especially abroad, we can see the way people live in that country, learn about their customs, arts, and culture.

Cultural tourism is also useful for introducing the culture of one’s own country to the international arena and vice versa (providing information / sharing information about the culture and customs of the country that has just been visited in our country). In other words, making art and cultural exchanges. Such as music, dance, drama.

3. Agricultural tourism

Agricultural tourism is a tour to agricultural locations, seeing nurseries in the fields, plantations. Usually it is done in the context of a study or it can be just taking a walk enjoying the green of the plants and the fresh air. Your eyes will be refreshed again with views of fresh colorful vegetables, peek at various vegetable seeds, and adventure in cool plantations.

4. Tour hurry

Hunting tourism can be done in countries that have forest areas that can be used as hunting grounds. Of course not hunting carelessly, huh. Rather, it follows government regulations regarding the boundaries of hunting areas and what types of animals can be hunted. For Indonesia itself, the government has opened hunting tours in the East Java region, to be precise in Baluran.

Animals that can be hunted are wild boar and bulls. While abroad, we can do hunting tours in various regions of the African continent. Animals that can be hunted are giraffes, elephants, lions, and others. For India, the animals that can be hunted are tigers and rhinos.

5. Pilgrimage tours

This type of tourism is related to history, customs, and beliefs held by the local community. Mostly done by groups rather than individuals. The goal is to go to a holy place, eat people who are considered powerful or holy / graves of big people, burials of famous figures, sacred hills and mountains full of legends, and so on.

Many are associated with the intentions of these tourists, for example wanting to ask for blessings and directions from the divine and some even asking for wealth. For example, a Muslim visiting the holy land or burial place of saints, a catholic on a pilgrimage tour to the Vatican, for Buddhists to visit Nepal, Tibet, or India.

In Indonesia itself, there are also many places visited by people who have a specific purpose as mentioned above, including visiting Borobudur Temple, Mount Kawi, Wali Songo’s tomb, Prambanan, Bali Basakih temple, Soekarno’s tomb, and others.

6. Nature reserve tours

This tour, which is also known as conservation tourism, is carried out by visiting protected parks, nature reserves, areas whose sustainability is protected by law. Most nature lovers who do this tour. For those who like taking pictures, it is very suitable to do this kind of tour.

There are many unique and beautiful plants and animals that can be used as photo objects. The environment is fresh, beautiful, very supportive for relaxation. So the mind is more fresh and relaxed. Nature reserve tourist attractions, for example, are nature reserves on the island of Bali, namely Eka Karya Botanical Garden and West Bali National Park.

7. Tour conventions

This convention tour is closely related to politics. An example is a building where deliberations, trials and meetings are held nationally or internationally. For example, the international congress center in Berlin, Senayan Building in Jakarta, Philippines has the Philippine International Convention Center.


1. Historical tours

Visiting various relics and historical sites. For those who like archeology and information related to history / past, come for a historical tour to temples, museums, forts, or see inscriptions.

2. Nature tourism

This type of tourism is carried out with tourist objects in the form of natural beauty around. Our eyes will be spoiled with natural conditions that are amazing and very beautiful. Nature tourism that we can do includes hiking, camping.

3. Religious tourism

Conducting religious tourism by visiting special places for religious people, graves, places of worship. Aim to get closer to God. Like taking a tour to the Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta, for those who are Muslim. Or the Cathedral Church for Catholic Christians.

4. Educational tours

This educational tour is also called educational tourism and is mostly carried out by children and schools. The purpose of educational tourism is to support the lessons that have been given in schools. Educational tourism is expected to make it easier for children to understand the subject matter.


1. Special interest tours

This type of tourism is usually carried out by people who have an interest in certain things and not many are interested in this one tour. Examples of special interest tours are trekking, rafting (river wading), diving (diving), hiking (mountain climbing), and so on.

2. Adventure travel

Tours are carried out with challenging tourist attractions. Usually has tough terrain. Which includes one of the adventure tours is rock climbing, rafting, or going through a vertical cave.

3. Travel many interests

This type of tourism is carried out by people who do not have a special interest in something. In other words, many interest tours are carried out by people who have the same interests as other people in general. Which includes: religious tourism, marine tourism, cultural tourism, nature tourism, shopping tours, historical tours, culinary tours, and so on.

4. Backpacker travel

In Indonesian the meaning of backpacking is a carrying bag or backpack. So tourists who are classified as backpackers are people who go on a tour only by carrying a carrying bag or backpack. And they usually carry very few items (only basic and necessary items are carried).

Backpackers are not bound by time, are free to set the time whenever they want to travel. And another advantage of backpacker tours is that they usually tend to be frugal and don’t want to spend big on tours, they sleep anywhere (sometimes cheap rental lodgings), choose to use public transportation rather than traveling vehicles, and these tours are mostly done by young people.


Nature was created so extraordinary by God. The diversity of flora and fauna there is really interesting and unique so that it can provoke people’s eyes to continue to look. The charm of natural tourism such as mountains, highlands, lowlands, beaches, lakes, and so on, is influenced by several things, namely:
1. Climatic Conditions
The climate of a region that is different from other regions can be a magnet that attracts both local and foreign tourists to come to visit. Yes, of course it’s interesting. Because for example, we are used to living in cities with air pollution which is felt every day, especially from motorized vehicle fumes, of course we want to breathe fresh air and feel the cool climate.

This is why climate is one of the factors that can attract tourists. An example is the peak tourist area in the Cianjur area, which attracts many people who always feel at home for a long time visiting there.

2. Earth’s Surface and Environment (Topography and Ecology)
Indonesia which is included in one of the archipelago countries will have many interesting natural tourism objects such as caves, beaches, forests, lakes, seas, and even waterfalls. The condition of the earth’s surface and the unique environment makes tourists interested to come and see for themselves its uniqueness.

3. The uniqueness of flora and fauna
The flora and fauna in Indonesia certainly have their own uniqueness as well as the flora and fauna in other countries. Well, this uniqueness is the attraction of tourists to visit the country, including Indonesia. Indonesia, which is an archipelagic country, has different flora and fauna from one island to another.

One of the factors that influence the differences in species is the different climatic conditions. In areas with cold climates, of course the plants and animals will be different from areas with hot climates. Some examples, the giant lizard that we usually know as the Komodo dragon on the island of West Nusa Tenggara, the maleo and anoa birds in Sulawesi, the one-horned rhino in West Java, the orangutan population in Kalimantan, especially Central and South Kalimantan, and many others.


Cultural tourism object is a tourist place whose source is the result of human culture. Objects are created by society in accordance with their respective cultures. And of course the values ​​and objects contained in one region differ from one another with its own uniqueness and distinctiveness. Examples of tourist objects that are the result of human work and culture include:

1. Historical monuments, which are included in this category, namely: temple buildings in Indonesia, such as Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, forts, old mosque buildings, and old churches.
2. Places with historical value or historical places, including: museums, archaeological objects, arts centers.
3. Art products in the form of traditional houses, traditional weapons, traditional musical instruments, and folk arts.
4. Celebration such as carrying out traditional ceremonies, religious ceremonies, traditional parties.
5. Objects which are the fruit of modern thought and knowledge include: dams, the aviation industry, satellite launches, binoculars, and so on.


Tourist activities carried out by visitors in a tourist attraction have two forms, passive and active. Examples are Jomblang and Pindul caves in Yogyakarta, Sanur Beach, Kuta, and others.

1. Forms of Passive Activities
The purpose of the form of passive activity in a tourist object is that visitors do not move or move skills when visiting a tourist attraction. This type of tourist tends to emphasize feelings, knowledge, and attitudes, or in other words, just enjoy what is in these attractions.

For example, when doing nature tourism, visitors only take a walk to enjoy the beauty and cool air, enjoy the beauty of nature, and become an observer of how to live and socialize the people there.

2. Forms of Active Activities
The purpose of the form of active activity in a tourist object is that visitors make movements / move a lot and use movement skills. Examples are when doing adventure tours hiking, river rafting or tracing, rafting, golf, football, cycling, tennis, beach volleyball, and others.


1. Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism which is often referred to as culture tourism is a type of tour made to find out how the culture, way of life, social, history, customs, arts and culture, religion in an area. For example, visiting the inner Baduy tribe in Banten, visiting indigenous Papuan tribes, witnessing a solo rambu death party in Toraja, seeing the procession of shaving dreadlocks, and others.

2. Adventure tours

Also known as adventure tourism. Usually it is done in the open air and tourists are required to have the skills to do anything instructed by a much more experienced guide. Can train so that the body is alert and spiritually fresh. Adventure tourism clearly has a higher risk when compared to other types of tourists.

Examples of adventure tourism include rafting on various rivers in Indonesia (for example the Alas river), climbing Mount Papandayan, Rinjani peak, Mount Anak Krakatau, seeing birds in the savanna of Baluran National Park, doing rock climbing, rafting, trekking, diving. , and others.

3. Ecotourism

Also known as ecotourism, it is a type of tourism that is carried out to visit nature and conduct conservation, so that it can have an effect on the economy of the surrounding area. For example: tea and coffee plantation tours in Malabar, Bandung, visiting the mangrove forests of Alas Purwo National Park, and others.

4. Business travel

Also known as business tourism. This tour is carried out usually because it is conducting a business feasibility study in the area visited. For example: shopping at Tanah Abang market, visiting Gayo coffee plantations in the Central Aceh area.

5. MICE Tour

Also known as Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition. Is a tour that is carried out in free time or on the sidelines of visits in attending meetings, exhibitions, company trips, meetings. An example is when we go on an official trip, we intersperse with shopping tours when we have free time, visiting JCC Inacraft events, Jakarta, and others.

6. Special interest tours

Also known as special interest tourism. And doing this tour requires a special skill, usually the number of participants is limited and carried out in a certain or special place too (not all tourist attractions can be used). Examples include paragliding on Lake Toba, night dives on Halmahera Island, and others.

7. Volunteer tours

Also known as volunteerism. This tour is carried out to an area with the aim of carrying out social service, sharing experiences and skills with the people there, while doing social activities we can while traveling.

Examples include teaching children in the interior of Papua and Kalimantan and other islands, caring for orangutans in Kalimantan, and so on.


1. Educational tours

This educational tour is usually carried out by school-age children. Basically, children have high curiosity. They study in class every day, they are bound to experience boredom or boredom. This is where educational tours are needed. Educational tours don’t have to be expensive or to far away places, you know. Can be done at any time. Educational tourism has a concept that is inversely proportional to learning in class.

If learning in class is only theoretical, but with educational tours children can see and feel firsthand what is around them, or objects that they usually see only in pictures, this can be seen in reality. With the existence of educational tours, it is hoped that children will be able to grow their interest in something, and can support existing learning materials in school.

For children, educational tourism is a fun way to learn. When children already have that pleasure, they will continue to remember what they learned and stick in the child’s mind. Examples of educational tours are: visiting the Kite museum, Textile museum, and others.

2. Culinary Tour

This is one of the most popular types of tourism. Culinary tourism can be done by everyone. Eating in a fun place and tasting food that we have never enjoyed before is something fun.

Examples of culinary tourism are enjoying the specialties of a region such as in Yogyakarta (Gudeg, bakpia, yangko, noodles, lotek, satay klatak, and others), tasting chicken betutu, satay lilit, rendang from Padang, markobar from Solo, green banana ice, ice doger, dumplings, various snacks made from aci (cireng, cimol) and others.

3. Shopping Tour

Shopping tourism is one of the most preferred by women. When visiting an area, we definitely want to have or bring souvenirs besides food. Yes, we will definitely go shopping. Shop for souvenirs, clothes, bags, headscarves, batik, and other items that are not in our place or in our area.

We can usually do shopping tours while doing other tours. Shopping tours are mostly carried out in market areas, including art markets, malls, shopping centers, supermarkets, souvenir shops, Muslim clothing specialty shops, and so on. This tour will not be missed for women.

The most important thing when doing this tour is to be careful about protecting our bawan’s belongings, because sometimes there are pickpockets lurking because they see us who are busy and busy with bargaining and groceries.

Those are some types of tourist attractions in Indonesia. It turns out that our country is rich too, huh. So, you don’t need to spend too much if you want to travel, right? In the country there are also many fun and interesting tourist options to visit. So, have a nice trip with your family, let’s go to Bone.

Vietnam, the easternmost nation on the Indochina Peninsula, not only affords a wealthy culinary experience but also excursions of eastern and southern cultural arts.

The ancient temples display a transparent Chinese language affect on the land of Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the broad thoroughfare embellished with trees and stately state buildings became symbols of the French colonial period.

Choosing a vacationer vacation spot in this nation just isn’t troublesome to do, seeing the various fascinating and delightful places that may be visited, from Hanoi to the Mekong River.


Quoted from TripSavvy on Thursday (30/8), here are a few of them:

1. Hanoi

The capital metropolis of Vietnam, Hanoi is a must-visit tourist vacation spot when on trip in Vietnam.

Quite a few museums such as the Ho Chi Minh Museum and the Hao Lao Prison Museum provide visitors the opportunity to higher understand Vietnam’s history of revolution, battle and art.

Exploring the historic Outdated Quarter in Hanoi on foot may be an possibility if you wish to store for native items or snacks.

2. Halong Bay

Positioned in northeastern Vietnam, Halong Bay is known for its emerald waters and 1000’s of limestone islands that rise above the rainforest.

This location can be easily reached by a five hour bus journey from Hanoi.

Offering such beautiful views, Halong Bay was named a UNESCO World Heritage Website in 1994.

3. Say hiya

Sapa is a small mountain city in Lao Cai Province positioned near the Chinese border, about 350 kilometers from Hanoi.

The fantastic thing about lush inexperienced rice terraces and steep mountains, such as Fan Si Pan which is the very best peak in Vietnam will be discovered on this metropolis.

Mountain climbing actions or interactions with numerous ethnic groups, including Hmong, Dao, Tay Giay and Xa Pho may be an attention-grabbing travel possibility while in Sapa.

4. Hue

Well-known as essentially the most luxurious city in Vietnam, Hue was the imperial capital of the Nguyen dynasty at that time.

Thanks to its sturdy historical past, this metropolis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Historic sites similar to Hoang Thanh Fort, Thien Mu Temple and a number of other tombs of the emperor bear silent witness to the position of Hue City in the Vietnam War.

Tourists typically benefit from the city ambiance by driving a bicycle.

5. Da Nang

Da Nang is the fourth largest city in Vietnam.

Aside from a number of historical purchasing and sightseeing spots, the principle reason why Da Nang is in style with many vacationers is its proximity to My Khe Beach, Lang Co, Hoi an and My Son which are well-known in Asian eyes.

The coast of Da Nang metropolis stretches for 30 kilometers with calm and cool waters.

Da Nang can be common for water tourism reminiscent of fishing, water snowboarding, diving and yachting.

6. Hoi An

As soon as serving as an essential buying and selling port in Southeast Asia, Hoi An is now known as a tourism location.

There are various low-cost tailor retailers in town that accept clothing orders and the well-known Japan Bridge. Hoi An does not have an airport and a train station, so journey can solely be made by land by hiring taxis from neighboring cities.

Several cities round Hanoi have airports with flights from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and different major cities in Vietnam.

7. Nha Trang

Referred to as the Rivera of the South China Sea, Nha Trang provides a six kilometer stretch of shoreline with white sand, clear waters, an abundance of marine life and coral reefs.

This city is arguably the center of diving in Vietnam.

Vin Pearl Land is a five-star resort and entertainment complicated that can be reached by cable automotive from the town.

8. Mui Ne

Mui ne is a coastal resort town alongside the South China Sea located in Southeast Vietnam.

Steady wind situations make the city a strategic location for water sports, including windsurfing and kite surfing.

The realm is only a 4 hour practice journey from Ho Chi Minh. Motorbikes are an inexpensive and easy-to-find transportation option when getting round Mui Ne.

9.Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

Despite the fact that its identify has been changed to Ho Chi Minh from the chief of Vietnamese Communism, vacationers and local people still often check with this largest city in Vietnam as Saigon.

Ho Chi Minh is well-liked as a vacationer vacation spot for its gorgeous culture and delightful city landscape full of skyscrapers, basic French structure and temples and shrines.

On top of that, Ho Chi Minh has a lively nightlife throughout Vietnam with a lot of bars and low-cost drinking spots on offer.

10. Mekong Delta

Stuffed with stretches of rivers, houses on stilts and stretches of rice fields, the Mekong Delta presents a quiet tourist atmosphere away from the city noise.

The Mekong Delta can be reached from Saigon in a 4 hour street journey.

Cai Rang Floating Market, Vinh Trang Temple, Cai Be Fruit Farm and Tra Su Mangrove Forest are some of the traditional tourist attractions provided right here.